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Hello.  I am Yoshi Holland, founder of Yoshi Connect.  I created this company because I was made for it. "When people call you, text you, email you and visit you because they believe you know how to connect them to their need and you love helping them at no cost...I knew I had found my passion."  It is definitely a turn your passion into a business type story.

And yes.  I do believe that God created us all for a purpose.  And with that purpose He gave us a passion for that purpose.

I am committed to lead our team to provide you with the best service providers that you can get.  We work diligently to find the right people for your company in a timely fashion.  We have many partners just waiting to be called for the job that you have right now.

So thank you for trusting us with your business needs.

Thank you God.  I accept this mission as you have called me to perform...In Jesus Name...